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Toy safety testing

All toys sold in this country have to be tested rigorously to ensure that they are suitable for regular play. This has been on my mind for quite some time and I have made big inroads into the testing.

Firstly, all the different colours of felt have been tested to see that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Then, a safety report has to be written about every item, giving its size, the materials used in construction and how it was made. All this is being done, and I have records for each item I sell.

The final requirement is that each toy has a cloth label attached to it firmly, stating the country of origin, the importer and any hazards. This is the area in which I still have a lot to do. I have failed to persuade my supplier to attach the labels for me, so I am having to sew them on myself. As you may imagine, this is extremely time-consuming! Hopefully, my supplier has now accepted that this is very necessary and, again hopefully, all future deliveries will be suitably labelled.

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