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Travelling to Kathmandu

I aim to go to Kathmandu twice a year, although this year I have already been there in January (absolutely freezing both indoors and out) and in May (lovely and warm) and will go again in September.

Each time, I visit the workshops where my goods are made, place orders for restocking and choose new items.
Although I can and do order via email or WhatsApp, it is much better to actually see and hold new products. It is also easier to explain how I want a new design to be made, or the tweaks to existing designs.

I went in May this year because I wanted to order my stock for Christmas. It takes the people in the workshops quite a while to hand make the goods, and then make sure that the felt has been dried thoroughly, so I wanted to be sure they arrive before the end of August.

I will order the summer hats and cotton bags for Spring 2020 when I visit in September and, as always, look out for new stock.

Every time I go to Kathmandu, I see people who have become friends and so eat with them either in restaurants in the Thamel district of the city, or in their homes, which is really lovely.

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